VERIM® LAB LIGHT is a simple but very universal tool for biofeedback research and and therapy testing.

VERIM® LAB LIGHT works currently with the GSR to USB interface, the “Mind-Reflection” and the new "next Mind-Reflection".

VERIM® LAB LIGHT is a cost effective solution for students, research projects where GSR is a key component for measuring the activation level.

VERIM® LAB LIGHT uses the full potential of the Mind-Reflection, sampling at the rate of 8 samples per second with 16 bit accuracy.

NEW: In the preferences you can choose a sound file to be played during the session – this makes the VERIM Lab an ideal tool for AudioStrobe or AVS sessions monitoring tool!

Mind-Reflection Mind-Reflection


It displays in real time following parameters:

  • Skin conductivity in microSiemens
  • Skin resistance in kiloOhms
  • relative change from the start
  • relative local change (2 seconds window)


The plot after the measurement displays the relative change to the start and several basic statistical values.
From here you can save and reload the data or export it as a plain text for import in Excel or other programs.
12 color markers can be set with the function keys F1 to F12:




The current version includes free
encoded and guided relaxation session
“Into the Light”.

To purchase the "next Mind-Reflection" GSR to USB interface please contact your local VERIM dealer or visit the AudioStrobe Shop’s biofeedback section at:

VERIM® LAB LIGHT is free for download for every Mind-Reflection user!

More general information on VERIM products at: and

Greek users please contact directly:

A professional version, VERIM LAB PRO, with more build in features for next Mind-Reflection is being developed.

Please contact us at directly for more information.

To download the current (1.2) version of

VERIM LAB LightMR II click here for

"next Mind-Reflection"

It is about 50 mB, self extracting file.

If your system does not install the driver itself you can download driver here or from the chip manufacturer directly:

General help for setting the proper comm port with serial to USB adapters:

To download the current (1.031) version of VERIM LAB Light click here for


It is about 50 mB, self extracting file.